About Azura

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~ January 22nd, 1996 || Denver, Colorado

Azura DragonFaether - born as Jennie Marie Neilson, is a pop, rock & jazz vocalist who composes original music.

From the age of 5, Azura has been writing her own songs, learning multiple instruments and performing music live. She currently plays the ukulele, saxophone, guitar and piano.

“Ever Since I Was A Little Girl I Would Play Dress Up Pretending To Be A Pop Star.”

- Azura DragonFaether

|| Ataraxia Agency Inc. Website Exclusive Press Interview

Music has always been Azura’s biggest passion as even before speaking she began singing. At the age of 6 Azura was scouted for a kid’s girl group called “Pink Power” to record an album with three other girls then perform at a local event.

As a little kid into young adulthood, Azura spent the majority of her weekends at Clear Lake Audio recording studio with her father learning the ropes of the music industry. Mentored by producers that have worked with artists like No Doubt, DJ Khaled, Michael Jackson and more - Azura has been coached among the best within her respective industries her whole life.

Azura began teaching herself how to play piano at the age of 7 and began composing her own music at the age of 10.

In middle school she joined concert band and learned to play alto saxophone. Azura was personally invited by her teach to join the exclusive Jazz band as first chair alto. She would go on to compete in various jazz festivals eventually winning an award for outstanding musicianship for an originally composed saxophone solo.

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